New Doc McStuffins exhibit arriving in OC!

Starting tomorrow, Saturday, May 27, you and your family can check out one of DiscoveryCube Orange County’s latest additions, “Doc McStuffins: The Exhibit.” 

My kids and I can’t wait — they’ve been asking me about it every single time we drive past the building for the last couple of months. In fact, this exhibit is one of the reasons we purchased a family membership — I plan on visiting it many times this summer!

The exhibit is recommended for ages 2-7, and it runs all summer long, through September 10. 

Here are a few fun features of the exhibit, per the DiscoveryCube website: 

  • Giving toy patients check-ups in the Emergency Room.
  • Performing “operations” on toys that need bigger fixes in the Operating Room.
  • Diagnosing pet toys with X-ray scanning machines in the Pet Vet Clinic.
  • Rocking baby dolls to sleep and helping them follow their bedtime routines in the Nursery.

For more information about tickets and hours of operation, head to the DiscoveryCube website. 

See you at the Toy Hospital!


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