A family restroom to remember

I don’t find myself writing about bathrooms very often. So this one must have been pretty darn good to warrant a blog post!

My children and I were visiting South Coast Plaza mall the other day when nature called. We headed toward the nearest restroom, only to find a sign that read “Family Restroom”. I figured this would be a larger room to accommodate a stroller and include a pull-down diaper changing station. So when I pulled into this gigantic room complete with an attendant, you can imagine my surprise.

We were greeted by the attendant, who kindly opened the Dutch door for us (what a smart way to keep restless kids from wandering outside!). Once inside, she gave me the lay of the land, including a relaxing sitting area with a TV, a private nursing area, a wall full of diaper changing stations (which also included wipes) and two family restrooms. Each of these restrooms included an adult toilet and sink plus a child-size toilet and sink — so clever and so helpful for a newly-trained toddler!

My kids didn’t want to leave! I actually had to give them a time limit since we had to head home. I wish more malls and stores would follow suit. A room like this makes the shopping experience so much more enjoyable for parents and their kids. Which means we stay longer and spend more money, a true win-win for all!


Favorite parenting moments

We all have moments that stand out in our minds — that first smile, that first giggle, or that first sweet word. But as my son gets older (he’s three) I find myself catching more of these moments as he grows and changes so very quickly. One of my new favorite moments with him is being a fly on the wall when he plays by himself. I can’t get enough of his stories of make believe. I love listening to the conversations he creates. His imagination blows my mind. I’m doing my best to take mental pictures of these moments!

How about you, what are some of your favorite parenting moments?


Mommy must-reads

I know, I know, reading isn’t exactly an everyday occurrence for most parents, unless it’s required by work. In fact, reading for pleasure has turned into a big luxury for me over the past couple years. But that doesn’t mean we can’t steal a few minutes here and there while nursing, waiting in line, or hiding in the bathroom (you know you’ve done it!). So, here are a few mommy must-reads I read (mostly while hiding) this week…

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Happy reading!